Flat Lay
Photography Sydney

When you want to capture multiple items in a single shot, flat lay photography is the way to do it.


Share a Story With Your Audience with Flat Lay Shots

Good photography makes a statement — flat lay photography takes it one step further to also tell a story.

Ideal for use on social media or in your email marketing, a carefully designed flay lay compilation can take your audience on a visual journey.

From food to cosmetics, fashion accessories, homewares, interior fittings and furnishings, flat lay photography is excellent at demonstrating cohesion, connectedness or compatibility between a collection of items by presenting them in an interesting and appealing format.

poster paints flat lay photo
ghost mannequin flat lay

Remove Distractions with Ghost Mannequin Photography

Place the spotlight exclusively on your product with ghost mannequin photography.

Unlike shopping in a physical store where you can see, touch and sample a product before deciding to purchase it, it’s harder for online shoppers to gauge what a product is really like — ghost mannequin photography can remove some of that uncertainty.

Utilising complex photography techniques to combine multiple images together in a single image, ghost photography removes all distractions and allows your customers to enjoy a detailed, unobstructed view of your product.

Particularly effective for fashion photography, ghost pinning is an excellent way to add natural shape and volume to clothing items to make it easier for your customers to visualise how it will look when worn.

Flat Lay Photography Sydney: How We Can Help

At JAM Photographic, we make the process of creating eye-catching flat lay and ghost mannequin imagery easy.

With years of experience photographing a wide variety of products from well-known brands under our belt, we can create carefully curated imagery that showcases your products in the best possible light.

If you’d like to find out more about our ghost mannequin and flat lay photography Sydney services, simply get in touch with us for a friendly chat.

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Be noticed and stand out from the crowd. This popular service for Ecommerce clients, with clean bright impactful images allows you to show case your collection to your buyer with no distractions. With JAM’s Colour matching treatment ensures that your images colour profiles will reflect the garments true colour. We do this whilst we have the products ensure you get a true product colour representation. Our experienced team of Stylists and photographers will make experience stress free, fast and painless. We offer multiple different approaches as one size doesn’t fit all but and happy to discuss further with you in more detail about your online Ecommerce requirements.