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JAM Photographic is a Sydney-based product photography company that specialises in creating premium quality commercial imagery for online audiences.

Experienced product photographers in Sydney

JAM Photographic has earned a reputation as leading product photographers in Sydney, specialising in online visual content creation for ecommerce businesses and online stores.

With an impressive portfolio of previous work for both boutique firms and large-scale globally-recognised brands, the team at JAM Photographic can comfortably produce online product imagery for almost any industry or genre.

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Still Life Photography

Our ecommerce product photography services

Exclusively focusing on online content creation, JAM Photographic has specialist expertise in producing:

  • clothing, accessories, jewellery and fashion photography
  • ecommerce lookbooks
  • product, flat lay and still life photography
  • lifestyle photography
  • cosmetics and beauty product photography, and
  • glass and bottle photography.


We work closely with our clients to gain an in-depth understanding of their requirements and design a customised shoot to capture breathtaking imagery of their products.

Our professional commercial photography Sydney studio can be perfectly calibrated to suit the individual shoot, providing optimal conditions to showcase products in the best possible light.

Combined with highly detailed post production, the finished result is perfectly curated product imagery that our clients are proud to put their name to.

We’re not your average photographers

We know that perfected product imagery doesn’t happen by accident.

Throughout the extensive range of shoots we’ve conducted over the years, we’ve learnt that to create truly remarkable photography you need:

  • a creative and original approach
  • a desire to stay at the forefront of the latest technological developments
  • to be highly organised to ensure each shoot is managed efficiently, and
  • to nurture the relationships you share with each and every client.


We bring enthusiasm and creativity to every shoot we work on, while always keeping the needs of our clients at the centre of everything we do.

If you’re seeking a professional product photographer to produce striking product imagery for your online store or business, we’d love to hear from you.

Find out more about our services or contact the team at JAM Photographic to start planning your next product shoot.

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