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How to Take Good Product Photos that Sell

The perfect shot might look simplistic, but it is made possible by careful planning, artful composition and skilful execution. You may know the basics — have a good camera, learn to use your camera, use a tripod, use proper lighting, set up the perfect background — but you need to invest a bit more time in the creativity department to capture photos that sell and convert. In this article, we’ll give you helpful tips on how to take good product photos.   How to take good product photos Learn how to take better product photos with these tips. 1. Choose


Creative Tabletop Photography Ideas for Your Next Product Shoot

With all sorts of photography trends coming and going, the tabletop genre remains a favourite among product photographers. It’s no wonder why — not only does it offer a clean, aesthetically pleasing way of portraying subjects, but it also gives the photographer complete control over every aspect of the picture. It’s a lucrative niche perfect for product and food photography. If you’re an eCommerce business owner planning your next product shoot, consider tabletop to enhance your visual storytelling. Here are some creative tabletop photography ideas that you can use for your upcoming photo shoot.   Tabletop Photography Ideas to Try


5 Product Photography Tips to Take Pictures that Convert for Beginners

If you’re a budding online business owner, you should understand that high-quality product photos have an incredible influence in converting visitors into loyal customers. It’s ideal to consult professional eCommerce photographers to shoot and edit images for you and help promote your business. But if you’re starting out and are on a tight budget, the next best thing is to do the photo-taking yourself. Product photographs may seem simple, but the process may not be as straightforward as you think! Here are ten product photography tips to help beginners like you take pictures like a pro.   Product Photography Tips


Six Creative Product Photography Ideas to Boost Online Sales

Running an ecommerce store and want to boost your online sales? With more than 50% of online shoppers using images to help them decide which products to buy, getting a little creative with your product photography could be the key to supercharging your sales.   What is Creative Product Photography? Creative product photography is all about capturing artistic imagery with a commercial focus. Typically featuring striking, interesting or beautiful artistic imagery that captures attention or elicits emotion, creative product photography also needs to adequately highlight the product’s attributes to allow shoppers to assess whether it meets their needs. Creative Ideas