Flat lay clothing photography is one of the most aesthetically pleasing forms of product photography. With its bird’s-eye perspective and its ability to capture the entire product in one shot, this form of photography is widely used by clothing companies everywhere. Luckily for the everyday avid photographer, learning how to capture flat lay images is relatively easy and can be mastered with a simple setup and a bit of practice.

colourful clothes flat lay shot


The Best Flat Lay Clothing Photography Setup

Taking professional-looking product photos is key to boosting your product sales. Photos with poor lighting that don’t clearly show the product can actually hurt your sales. When taking clothing photos like a professional, your setup is essential. With a background that reflects your branding, a good amount of natural or artificial lighting and a bit of patience, you’ll be mastering flat lay clothing photography in no time. When arranging your setup you’ll need:

  • A tripod: When nailing the art of flat lay photography, a tripod is a must. As you are shooting your subject from above, it can be difficult to hold your positioning while you arrange your product. Using a tripod can help you stabilize your setup and capture shots that are in focus.
  • A camera: This one may be self-explanatory, but you’ll need a camera to shoot your product. This can be as advanced as you like or as simple as your smartphone. Having a device with storage is enough to get you started in the world of product photography.
  • Your subject: Next on the list is the subject that will be the star of all your photos. This will be the focal point of your photography and will take up most of the frame. When taking clothing photography, ensure your subject is clean, ironed and folded to perfection.
  • A lighting source: When taking any type of photo, lighting is a must. Be sure to shoot your subject in a well-lit environment or consider using artificial lighting such as ring lights. This will ensure your subject is clear, defined and well-focused in your images.
  • A backdrop: The last aspect of your setup is your background. You’ll need a background that doesn’t distract from your subject and matches the branding of the clothing you’re shooting. When in doubt, a white sheet of paper on the floor is a great starting point.


black and white clothes flat lay


Taking Your Flat Lay Clothing Photography

After collecting the items you need, you can start your product photography. Arrange your backdrop on a low surface or the floor of a well-lit space. Setup your tripod above your backdrop and adjust it to encompass the entire backdrop with no edges showing. Place your subject on the backdrop and start taking your photos. Adjust the product, your backdrop and your tripod as many times as you need to get the perfect shot. If you’re looking to really nail your product shots, consider hiring a professional the first time so you can see how it’s done.