Flat Lay
Fashion Photography

Showcase the latest trends in fashion with a flawless and minimalistic flat lay aesthetic.

Create Vogue Imagery that Commands the Spotlight

When it comes to shooting apparel and accessories, flat lay fashion photography is one of the top styles — and it will likely be a mainstay for visual product imagery in the virtual sphere, especially in fashion.

One of your greatest investments for your ecommerce fashion business is a collection of phenomenal flat lay shots to post on your website or social platforms. But pulling off the simplistic yet artful composition of flat lay imagery is no easy feat — its effortless execution and the resulting high-quality photos rely on technical and creative mastery, professional lighting and staging, and a solid understanding of product photography.

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Mind the Light, Colours & More in Clothes Flat Lay Photography

Clothes flat lay photography can range from colourful and vibrant to casual and relaxed to formal and elegant, depending on many factors. Colour harmony and object arrangement are vital in creating a cohesive and visually pleasing theme. And because clothing relies on feel and touch to appeal to potential customers, lighting and soft, subtle shadows are critical to present the texture and relay quasi-sensory details about the apparel. Secondary lights such as lamps, candles, and fairy lights can also enhance the lighting and overall ambience, doubling as enchanting props.

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One of the key rules of fashion is to respect balance — and flat lay photography embodies exactly that. With minimalistic staging, organised composition, cohesive thematics and crisp visuals, it’s an effective way to put your clothes, shoes and accessories in the spotlight.


At JAM Photographic, we prepare and take high-quality pictures to boost your brand’s presence online and, in turn, encourage higher sales. If you need a professional photographer to create the perfect, eye-catching flat lays for your fashion products, we’re here to help. Contact our team today for a friendly chat.

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