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Let your product shine with the elegant, distraction-free ghost photography fashion
brands prefer.

When Less is So Much More

When shopping online, all your customers have is a picture to determine the quality and suitability of your designs.

Ghost mannequin photography, also known as invisible mannequin photography, brings the in-store experience to your web store or social media feed, eliminating distraction and highlighting the best features of your brand’s clothing or accessories. The finished photograph is not about the model or setting – it’s all eyes on your product, and your product only.

Plus, natural-looking, human-like volume empowers online window shoppers to envisage how your clothing would look when worn by them, increasing your conversion rate and bottom line.

Ghost Pinning Flatlay
ghost mannequin flat lay

The Elements of Exceptional Ghost Photography

Ghost photography is not as straightforward or as effortless as it might appear. To capture your clothing in all its detail, we layer several images over the top of each other. This adds vibrancy and richness.

Although it is removed in post-production, we scrutinise the mannequin’s pose. We want something natural and unobtrusive, not stiff or unlifelike.

From there, it’s all about the lighting. Because we use multiple images to create the finished product, the balance between light and shadow must remain consistent from shot to shot. With professional-grade lighting equipment, we illuminate your clothing in a way that accentuates detail and ensures clarity without washing out the image.

Finally, the magic happens. We use editing software to seamlessly remove the mannequin and create that eye-catching floating effect.

Leading Ghost Mannequin Photography in Sydney

Every image, from your product listings to your social media feeds, must be clear, carefully composed, and professionally executed to stand out online.

Contact us today to find out more about how our ghost mannequin photography service in Sydney can enhance your online presence.

ghost mannequin photo of women's clothes