If you’re a budding online business owner, you should understand that high-quality product photos have an incredible influence in converting visitors into loyal customers. It’s ideal to consult professional eCommerce photographers to shoot and edit images for you and help promote your business. But if you’re starting out and are on a tight budget, the next best thing is to do the photo-taking yourself.

Product photographs may seem simple, but the process may not be as straightforward as you think! Here are ten product photography tips to help beginners like you take pictures like a pro.


Product Photography Tips for Beginners

These eCommerce photography tips can help you encourage higher sales for your online business.


1. Invest in a good camera.

When it comes to eye-catching photos, good equipment is a necessity. But we don’t mean for you to splurge on the most expensive professional camera, especially when you’re on a budget. While DSLR cameras are ideal for showcasing the finer details and offering better photo quality, a smartphone with a high resolution can suffice for now.

2. Use a tripod.

Don’t underestimate tripods. They significantly improve the clarity and overall quality of your photographs by stabilising your camera or phone and decreasing the chances of blurry shots. It’s definitely worth picking up a tripod if you want professional-looking product images.

3. Set up the perfect background.

One trick to coining the perfect background is picking one that’s consistent with your brand. For example, if your store is all about sleek and elegant accessories like watches or jewellery, a marble background can accentuate the sophisticated feel of your products. Rustic kitchen utensils? Enhance the vibe with dark wooden panels as your backdrop. If you want a product-only image or to make it look like your product is floating, a plain white background is perfect.

The key to pulling off the background is also this: avoid too much clutter. Don’t use a backdrop or add too many props that could pull the buyers’ attention away from the product.

4. Use proper lighting.

Any good photographer knows the importance of proper lighting when shooting photos, especially for certain styles like bottle glass photography. You have two options: natural lighting and studio lighting. Don’t use different types of light in your picture — the photograph will look much better with one light source.

Natural lighting is ideal for product photographs that feature edible items, people and apparel. Schedule your shoot during the early mornings or late afternoons to take advantage of gentle sunlight — slightly overcast days are also preferable. For products primarily used indoors, use artificial lighting. Avoid overexposure by using a diffuser.

5. Use colour psychology.

Especially with lifestyle products, you’ll want to keep colour psychology in mind when shooting photos to capture the right emotions for the product. We advise learning about colours and how they affect human emotions and behaviour to help you create a compelling visual narrative.


Experience how professional product photography works.

With these product photography tips, you’ll be able to put together eye-catching photographs for your products. However, when you don’t have time to pull together a decent shoot or lack equipment, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Whether you’re looking to enhance your still life photo concept or capture the flat lay aesthetic right, we can help bring your vision to life. Call us at +61 (0)488 993 245 or send a message today.