Running an ecommerce store and want to boost your online sales?

With more than 50% of online shoppers using images to help them decide which products to buy, getting a little creative with your product photography could be the key to supercharging your sales.


What is Creative Product Photography?

Creative product photography is all about capturing artistic imagery with a commercial focus.

Typically featuring striking, interesting or beautiful artistic imagery that captures attention or elicits emotion, creative product photography also needs to adequately highlight the product’s attributes to allow shoppers to assess whether it meets their needs.

colourful clothes flat lay shot

Creative Ideas for Your Next Product Shoot

Here are a few creative product photography ideas to consider for your next product shoot…

1. Build a scene with props

Create a display utilising a variety of modern photography props such as cubes, arches, spheres, cones and steps to play with height and layers. All-white props will create a seamless, contemporary aesthetic, while using a variety of props in different colours will create imagery that pops!

2. Display your product somewhere unexpected

Create an eye-catching juxtaposition by showcasing your product in an environment where you wouldn’t normally expect to find it. Think a luscious armchair on a beach with waves crashing around its legs, or a glamorous ball gown worn by a model in the middle of the Australian bush. The more unusual, the more memorable.

3. Make everything else disappear

Put the focus exclusively on your product by removing all distractions. Ideal for fashion photography, ghost mannequin photography allows shoppers to visualise the natural shape of your product, without anything which could detract from the product itself.

4. Bring your product to life with motion

Products that have the ability to adapt their shape or form lend themselves perfectly to dripping, spilling or splashing motion capture photography. Perfect for creating striking and memorable imagery that cuts through!

5. Adopt a bird’s eye view

Perfect for social media, flat lay photography (where objects are arranged on a flat surface and photographed from above) can help you convey a visual story and present complimentary products in a multi-dimensional format.

6. Change it up with multiple types of product photography

You don’t have to limit your product photography to a single style. Using a combination of different types of product photography to showcase your product in a variety of formats will ensure you have imagery that appeals to every shopper.